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About the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation

We are Worldwide Private Investigation and Private Process Serving Company based in Delray Beach, Florida' our only corporate office. We offer Nationwide Courthouse Research and Case File Retrieval-copy services; and, recordation services. We are a Premiere outsource vendor assistance service company for Attorney's, Law Offices, Corporate Management, Debt Settlement Companies, REO's, Paralegal Professionals, Banks, Financial Institutions, Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies, Government; Agencies, Law Enforcement, State and County Agencies and Medical Offices.  

We are a Nationwide professional service provider with International expansion aspirations. A .C. E., Inc. also provides copy, scanning, conversion and storage services to Finance Companies, Medical Offices, Human Resource Departments, Corporations, CPA's, Realtors, Structured Settlement Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies throughout the State of Florida. A. C. E., Inc. also provides Registered Agent Services, operates copy and scan centers as well as Deposition Suites in South Florida.

The Corporation recently endeavored into several Internet and Website S. E. O. consulting agreements offered exclusively to existing clients and new partners established through referrals only. Most web services are offered free and involve confidential online business development services. All services are managed, operated and developed at our corporate office in Delray Beach, Florida.

The newest business advancement for the company involves opening several deposition suites in South Florida. With the creation of deposition suites the company also launched which assists Attorneys with discovery and prepares them for depositions that may take place at anyone of the company day suites. Private meeting rooms for depositions, hearings, mediations and arbitrations are available at six strategic locations in South Florida. Plans for 2013 are to expand deposition suite locations to include central, west and north Florida cities.


Telephone Number: 561. 526. 7834

Corporate Email Address: click here →

Florida Statewide Private Investigation Agency License Number: A9900347

Worldwide Association Affiliations: NAPPS , NAPPSS, FAPPS , NALI , FALI , PBCPS , ABCSPS , GPS , FSS , WSS , PSS , ACE , SPS
Corporate Mailing Address:

Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation
d/b/a A. C. E., Inc.

1615 South Congress Avenue Suite 103
Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Telephone: 561. 447. 7638

After Hours and emergency Telephone: 561. 526. 7834

Primary Business:
Private Investigations, Internet Real Estate Investments i.e domain names for legal professionals, Private Process Serving, Courthouse Services, Scanning, Storage, Paper to Data Conversion and Copying Services.

Online and Internet Business Involvement: A.C.E., Inc. operates more than 350 Legal support and Legal service websites all in the preliminary testing stages. Local, State and Nationwide Services. Also owns and manages the largest and most prestigious domain name portfolio oriented toward attracting new clients interested in legal support services, referrals and office service businesses.

Most Recent and Successful Business Endeavors (last three years): 
Internet Marketing Specialists of the largest privately held Domain Name Portfolio for Legal Support Services, Attorneys and Services in the World. Corporate operations are Internet based and maintains ten minimal overhead business ventures. Typical business ventures create thousands of inquiries leading to potential new clients, referrals and business opportunities. 

Newest Business Ventures:
Launched February 2013, Two Internet Directories for Attorneys. Both directories offer Attorneys and Law Offices the ability to list their services, expertise and contact information for FREE. The free listing service offered by A. C. E., Inc. is an attempt to associate with as many Law Office professionals as reasonably possible. The good will gesture of this company for providing FREE listings in its Directories will generate new clients for those that are listed. We ask Attorneys, who list their information in our directories, to remember this agency whenever they or any associates need the specific services we provide. The two new directories are for Palm Beach County Attorneys with specific expertise in Divorce, Family and or Matrimonial Law go to, Divorce Lawyer West Palm Beach
and for
Palm Beach County Personal Injury Attorneys, go to, Palm Beach County Injury Attorneys.

The company is rolling out at least 100 directories in the near future.

Launched November 2012,
Deposition Suites, Day Offices for depositions, meetings and arbitrations. Out of town Attorneys or business people who need private and appropriate temporary office space can call for reservations. Most locations are available with 24 hour notice and offer many services to people requiring special needed services. To learn more about our office space availability and services or to make a reservation please go to, Deposition Suites

Launched August 2012,
Problem Solvers of Florida. A new and useful service offered for free to homeowners; Commercial and Private Landlords: Corporate Executives and Professional Office Personnel. Problem Solvers offers free advisory and assistance service with any challenge, problem or unique set of circumstances. This free service taps into company contacts and abilities to get things done by professionals who can be trusted, are reasonably priced and are dependable. Problem Solvers The biusiness derives its income from referal fees

Launched October, 2012.
Nationwide Door Knockers. Nationwide Door Knockers was established primarily to offer additional service offerings and opportunities for increased income to our network of "boots on the ground" agents who are situated throughout the United States. In a moments notice we can "knock on any door" to deliver, pick up or to speak with its occupant. Our hands on management and personalized handling of each transaction assures our clients success with effective communications with delinquent clients, debtors, witnesses, defendants and many more. 

Established 1998 Privately Owned and Financed,
Managed by the founder for family members who monitor every transaction from start to completion.

ABOUT US - Our Roots:
The Corporation had it’s beginnings in the management consulting business dating back to 1991. The Founder of this corporation was formerly the C. E. O and President of a New York Advisory company specializing in debt collections, receivable management, pretrial,  post-litigation and post judgment services specializing in finding debtors, locating missing people and the discovery of hidden assets worldwide. Beginnings: The C.E.O. became a Licensed Private Investigator after serving a two year apprenticeship with a well known agency. He subsequently established an exclusive Florida State Private Investigation agency specializing in Corporate undercover assignments; Investigating  non-compete violations;  tortuous interference; investigating trademark and patent infringement;, corporate counter measure strategies and detecting listening devices, hidden video and any form of illegal or unauthorized invasion of corporate or residential privacy. 

Development Stages:  
During the first five years the corporation was actively engaged in providing a wide range of investigative services to its exclusive clients. Through word of mouth only the corporation became a Nationwide multifaceted Attorney, Corporate Counsel and Consulting service provider. Services offered during this stage were, Courthouse research, Courthouse record retrieval services and a wide range of civil and criminal private investigation services. 

Six through Ten: During these years the company further developed into a multi-divisional corporation with specialized spin-offs. Each spin off was directed and focused into specific areas of specialty such as Process Serving, Consultation Services, Attorney oriented Web and Internet Intellectual Property development, Private Investigations and Attorney Support Services. 

Ten – Current: The corporation continues with it multifaceted interests and expanded its business to include internet based commerce and accepting credit cards as a means of payment for out of town clients. The Corporation converted its internal manual systems to a proprietary database utilized for maintaining all aspects of client data, accounts receivable and payables, customer service and monitoring all transactions. 

The company maintains and manages the largest legal support services domain name portfolio in the world and is considered to be the most extensive collection of internet names relating to its corporate interests. 

The company entered the scanning, copying and storage business and is directing some of its key resources toward developing relationships with Law Offices and Medical Offices seeking to convert paper to data as well as scanning records of any type and size from clients, witnesses, medical offices and other paper based facilities. 

Domain Name Investments for ROI and Marketing:
The company launched its first website fourteen years ago and currently maintains over 5000 domain names; all in the process of development, for sale, to partner with and or leasing. Company published websites prove to be useful to its clients and are used as the company’s “electronic brochure” for anyone inquiring about price quotes, service offerings and general contact information.  Currently, the corporation offers web development services and consults Lawyers, Attorneys, legal support service companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking worldwide internet exposure. 

Transitional Development:
The company established itself as a Florida Statewide Agency in 1999 and a Nationwide service provider in 2009. Current Websites: The corporation operates more than 350 websites, each offering a wide range of specialized services. 

New York Market:
The company entered the New York Market via the internet in 2012. All aspects of the New York venture are in the testing phase and have proven to be successful within the first couple of months. 

Expansion into other States and Markets:
The company is currently advancing its immediate interests to expand into the Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, California, Ohio and Illinois marketplaces. The company also operates a worldwide directory that is widely known and utilized by the Legal Profession seeking Process Server services, The Company currently owns and operates 20 web based businesses in New York and is developing additional markets every month. New York City and Long Island are target areas that have shown substantial growth during the first quarter of 2013.

"Inside Out" Management Philosophy:  
Management answers the phone and email, not support staff. If management is not available, back up communications are handled by experienced and licensed service representatives. Support, answers and questions and client communications are handled by management 24 / 7 via email. Telephone calls are handled 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday, except Legal Holidays.  

Transaction Monitoring: All transactions are database driven with proprietary software. Marketing: 90% Referral, Social Media, Viral Marketing i.e. FaceBook and Linkedin, Search Engine Internet Traffic, Print and Association Memberships Methods of Conducting Business: All methods have been developed by a trial and error process that has been refined over sixteen years. The current methodology of conducting business appears to be the most successful however the business is evolving and advancing through new technology, marketing channels and forward thinking strategies recently implemented. Proven methods of management philosophy and extensive successful transactions constitute 85% of the revenues, the company is consistently testing and developing new methods, businesses and markets.

Maximize revenues by focusing on a per transaction profit analysis. Each transaction / service request is analyzed and evaluated before acceptance. Transactions that present the possibility of a 30-50% profit margin are encouraged and explored. Any transaction that appears to be a low profit margin, is either rejected or referred out. Businesses / Divisions / Subsidiaries: Courier, Copiers, Scanning, Research, Skip Trace, Investigations, Process Serving, Property Verification Services, Messengers, Court Filing Services, Recordation Services and Courthouse, Public Records and Police Reports Retrieval Services  

Law Offices, Medical Offices, Affluent Citizens, Government agencies, State and County Agencies, Private Investigators, Process Servers, Collection Agencies, Real Estate Offices, Law Enforcement, Title and Mortgage Companies, Corporations, Banks, REO Departments, Financial Institutions and Municipalities Legal Perspective: Rigorous prosecution, tenacious defense, protection and enforcement of copyright, infringement and issues relating to corporate activities. All business dealings are confidential and protected with all applicable privacy laws. 

All business offerings are Federal and State compliant. 

What We do:
We handle Law Office and Corporate Counsel outsourced services and medical office support services throughout the United States; on foot, bike, car, plane, scooter or via the internet. 

A. C. E., Inc. operates websites, serving over 5,000 customers, including private law firms, collection agencies, process server agencies, medical offices, settlement companies, private investigation companies, affluent private citizens, corporate executives, federal, state and county government legal departments. 

A. C. E. Inc. is planning for a future when all filing and service of process requests are received electronically, and all return information is ported directly into our customer's systems. A. C. E., Inc. courthouse couriers, private investigators, scanners and copier, process servers all carry wireless devices into the field; equipped with a digital camera, bar-code reader, email and real-time data-exchange for seamless information transfer from our agents back to our customers. We envision that our customers will never again burden themselves with data entry on service notes, paperwork, proofs of service, or billing when using A. C. E., Inc. to serve, file, copy, scan or deliver their legal documents. 

Intellectual Property:
Operating ten individual businesses (divisions) that has registered names, domain names and copyrighted information. Trademark and service marks exceed 300. Currently engaged in filing and applying for more than 20 trademarks and service marks. Mission Statement: Our Mission today is the same as it was when the corporation provided its first transaction. Client services and satisfaction are essential and take precedence over all business matters. While offering the highest level of customer services we endeavor to assure consistent services and communications keeping our clients updated. All services are goal oriented and result driven and are handled with focus and undivided commitment. 

Future Plans:
Expansion of all services to each state in America, especially New York and the Tri State Area. We anticipate opening Internet Based "Regional Offices" and mobile locations in the top fifty cities in America. Planned and methodical expansion plans are in progress. Proprietary Software: Yes. Database and cloud based information services allowing clients and service providers 24 / 7 access to current and historical files. Legal Partnerships: The corporation offers all clients the opportunity to link their web pages to any and all of the 350 plus active and indexed websites. Linking web pages for free is one of the benefits of maintaining a relationship with this company. We also offer trailing revenues and creative incentives for referrals. Disclaimers: We are NOT Attorneys and make no representation or imply otherwise. We do not offer legal advisory and none of our websites, writings or listings should be construed as advice. We offer third party information that should be utilized as a guidelines and not as a means for making final decisions. Before making any decisions always consult an Attorney. Portfolio: Service - Process - Servers .com 

Our Policy is to provide professional services for a reasonable fee. The fee's we quote are agreed upon in advance and are non-refundable once received. We are paid in full for our experience, efforts and time to representing your needs and to handle your request. We are paid regardless of the results.

Significant accomplishments have been made in the area of internet marketing. Most successes have involved expanding into additional markets and initial test marketing is providing a strong basis for a nationwide service company Payments: Payments for all services can be made by Corporate Check, Law Firm Check and any credit card. We also accept money order, postal checks and or wire transfers. We do not accept cash or foreign currency.

For Sale:
We are selling, redirecting and or leasing domain names. The company is not for sale but, management would entertain offers, conversations and ideas.

Strategic partnerships:
We are seeking Attorneys and entrepreneurs who are interesting in developing trailing revenue or referral income. Specific details are available.

Joint Ventures:
Yes. We are seeking local business owners throughout America who are seeking entrepreneurial ventures.

National Endeavors:
YES! We are currently test marketing a wide range of services and concepts that have proven to be successful with a minimal amount of investment. Our expansion into the national market on a grand scale is in the works and will be announced through public relations press releases, advertising and new websites. 

Pledge to Clients:
Each transaction / service request we receive is closely monitored and handled with "white gloves." Every service request is entered into our database and quality checked from start to finish. Our customer service is available via email 24/ 7 and our office is open to telephone calls from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. 

Employment Opportunities:
Yes. Please send us your inquiry via U.S. MAIL ONLY if you are licensed, insured and bonded. Please do not email or fax your resume or employment inquiry it will be deleted. All resumes received by US Mail will be reviewed and responded to. EEOC laws observed and preferred.

The Owner and Founder is challenged. We are sensitive to the needs of challenged individuals and offer special fees and possible employment opportunities.

Yes, apply by sending your resume and a cover letter by US mail ONLY 

Yes, fee based one of one tutorials are offered in Florida, online, Skype or via telephone ONLY. Free Seminars are offered to Law Offices. 

Corporate Governance:
Strict adherence to Federal and State Laws. STRICT Privacy protection for all correspondence, service requests and data exchanged. We do not store personal data and under no circumstances save or sell any information we receive from inquiries or retained clients. All interactions between those who contact us and our agency is in complete CONFIDENCE. Strictly Confidential and secured