A.C.E., Inc. is a Nationwide Process and Legal Document Delivery Service Company.

About the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation, d/b/a, A.C.E., Inc.

We are a private process serving company with process servers; constables; mobile and traveling notary; and courthouse agents situated everywhere in the United States. We provide a wide range of services for law firms, attorney's such as but not limited to, courthouse research, case file retrieval, delivery and copy services; and, recordation services. We are a premiere outsource vendor assistance service company for attorney's, law offices, corporate management, debt settlement companies, REO's, paralegal professionals, banks, financial institutions, mortgage companies, private investigators, process servers, insurance companies, government agencies, law enforcement, state and county agencies, real estate companies and medical offices. Our company is twenty three years old and functions better than ever. All services are managed, tracked and finalized electronically for your ease and comvenience.

As one of the leading professional service providers in the america A .C. E., Inc. also offers copy, scanning, conversion and storage services on behalf of finance companies, medical offices, human resource departments, corporations, CPA's, realtors, structured settlement companies and pharmaceutical companies. 

Telephone Number: 888-406-6517

Email Address:  Contact@ServePaper.com

Private Investigation Agency License Number: A9900347

Worldwide Association Affiliations: NAPPS , NAPPSS, FAPPS , NALI , FALI , PBCPS ,

Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation
d/b/a A. C. E., Inc.
Process Servers, Constables and Couriers provide delivery and service of lawsuits,
orders, statement, summons, notification and demand letters as well as great subpoena deliivery services