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Courier Services

We coordinate and manage amn extensive network of Florida Courier Services. We pick up and deliver legal  documents and files  anywhere in the state of Florida. Our couriers are ready to assist you in a moments notice and will be available via text, cell or email to update you along the way. Your important legal documents are in good hands with us!

We specialize in special courier projects that need personalized attention. We are a courier service yet we do not offer standard messenger services. Our services are more suitable for people who need services during time sensitive situations. We will consider any area provided the assignment is appropriate. Our services are similar to a personalized concierge service. We are very private, discreet and trustworthy. Our services are handled my responsible individuals who are educated, clean, well dressed and quite appropriate for any task you challenge us with.

We compiled a list of our most popular services offerings. The list below represents the most commonly requested and provided courier services. If you don't see the service you need on the list below it doesn't mean we don't offer it. The service you are seeking is the most important one of all, so don't be shy, just ask!

Courier Services:

Pick up and delivery from anywhere and delivered to a specific destination.

Pick up and transport to and from anywhere 

Pick up and deliveries to any business, office, court, home or establishment 

Pick up and drop off and return to pick up services 

US Mail, Private Overnight and other packages and parcel forwarded 

Courthouse Services:

Pick up, filing and returning court documents Filing and issuing court papers such as out of state subpoenas, summons, writs, probate, death and recorded documents Recording documents; Retrieving documents;  Courthouses or Government offices ONLY

Obtaining certified copies of documents.

Home sitting and residential activities check:

We will visit, observe and handle any home duties you need while away.

Mobile Notary:

Mobile notary services are available. We come to you or a place of you choice.

Clean Up and Clean Out Services:

We offer our services to those who need assistance with cleaning up or cleaning out a residence. We primarily act on short notice and are capable of handling any request within our service area. NO job is too small or large for us. Most of the people who request this type of service are "out of towners" who need assistance with a variety of services here in Florida; without the need for having to come here.

Waiting Time Services:

We will wait for you. If waiting annoys you or you simply need someone to wait for a service or deliver. We will assist you. We have patience.

Copy Services:

Will will pick up, copy and deliver your documents Receiver and sender of large Pdf email files, printing and copying services.

Email, Mail and Facsimile Services:

We can handle any correspondence on your behalf. All services are customized to meet your needs.

Personal Assistant Services:

You are really never alone. One of our seasoned professionals will assist you with any project you have. Our in-house assistant professional will work with and for you on a short or long term basis. This service is a higher level then your typical "Temp" worker. Odd hours and special as needed service are available. All services are billed hourly.

Record Deeds and Mortgages:

We file all legal instruments and any courthouse. All services are available within hours of your request.


All service fees are payable in advance of service. We require pre-payment or COD for every service we provide. There are no exceptions to our pre-pay and or COD policy. OUR FEES START AT $75.00. 

We are a unique and very reliable service that you can depend upon. Our starting minimum fee is based upon our years of credibility, honesty and the value we place on our time. If paying the minimum fee is a problem you will have to consider another service. We do not negotiate nor do we change our fees for anyone. We have set fees for most of our service offerings. To better serve you, please call or email us with your service request so that we can quote you an actual service fee. Again, all services start at $75.00 regardless of how simply or complex your service request is. Hiring us to assist you will not only be a good experience but one that will yield the results you are seeking. All services are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.