Due Diligence Services on behlaf of Attorney's who are seeking to locate a particular person.

Due Diligence Services

We investigate countless resources, people and data while conducting due diligence services. The "shopping list" of areas of interest listed below are what may be considered and explored during the investigation as to the whereabouts of a person of interest. 

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  Arrest Records
  Boat Registrations and Licenses
  Cell Phone Number and Records
  City Directories
  Charitable Organizations and Events
  City or Town records, such as permits, complaints and or violations
  Contact Relatives i.e. Brothers, Sister, in-laws, cousins, friends, known associates
  Corporate Records
  County Records
  Court Records
  Crash and Accident Records
  Credit Headers
  Criminal Records, Convictions
  Death Files
  Department of Corrections
  Drivers License Records
  Department of Motor Vehicle Records
  Divorce Records
  Email Addresses
  Employers - current and past
  Family Members
  Federal Court System, Civil and Criminal Cases
  Fictitious Name Filings
  Former Employees
  Hospitals in the area of the last known address
  Hunting License
  Inmate Search
  Internet Search i e. Google, MSN, Yahoo People Finder Sites
  Letters of Administration - Executrix Records
  Library Records
  Military Records
  Nationwide Predator list
  Notary License
  Occupational Licenses
  On-line Court Records
  Person (s) residing at last known address
  Police records relating to the last two known addresses
  Power or Utility Company, Cable, Cell Phone Providers
  Probate Records
  Professional Licenses
  Public Records - on line service providers
  Recent Judgments
  Recorded Documents

  Regulatory Agencies
  Research Business affiliations
  Retail Records
  Social Networking Sites
  Sheriff Websites
  Tax Collector
  Telephone Directories
  Unclaimed Assets
  US Postal Records
  Utility Records
  Vehicle Registrations
  Voter Registration
  Weapons Permit
  Website Listings

Please be advised a statutory due diligence affidavit need not contain all of the above information but it should embody a majority of the investigation services performed. Due Diligence services offered by this agency are handled by an experienced licensed investigator only. Therefore, expect a success rate of approximately 90%.

Ask about the difference between due diligence and skip tracing. You may not realize it but these two services are completely difference and are commonly misunderstood and improperly submitted to the court.

The above list is does NOT apply to all cases and should not be expected for each service requested.