Our Private Investigators are experts at finding and locating people. Investigation services are performed by licensed professionals ONLY. We are considered the best Skip Tracers and Location Investigators in the nation. We have a proven track record of success and have extensive knowledge, contacts and abilities to assure you will have the best investigators working foir you.

Location, skip trace and finding people services

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Locate a person ~ Private Investigation Services - Skip Tracing, Finding and serving civil process upon that important person is crucial to your case. 

We are a licensed private investigation agency specializing in finding people and serving civil process to assist with your case. We are a Nationwide Private Investigation and Process Server Agency specializing in finding and serving process upon people, debtors, defendants, witnesses, businesses, directors or anyone and anywhere. 

A professional service offered by the Agency for Civil enforcement Corporation also known as  A. C. E., Inc., a Licensed Private Investigation agency specializing in finding people for legal proceedings such as, but not limited to, depositions, testimony in court, expert testimony, adverse proceedings, impeachment, criminal and civil matters and for the production of records or related evidence. Our services are utilized by Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Insurance Agencies and Corporate Counsel. We assist Law Offices and People will legal interests to find people. If you are seeking assistance with finding that important or elusive person we may have the means to successfully locate the person for you. Please email us your questions and provide us with your contact number so we can arrange a follow up consultation. 

Our initial service offerings involve covert methods and are generally finalized within five to seven business days. We are more than 90% successful during our initial efforts which involve a basic flat fee. If the person cannot be found after our initial services are expended we will provide you with an analysis and a definitive solution as to what additional services may be needed. It does not matter where the person once resided or worked. It does not matter if you have any or no personal data about the person for us to be successful. What does matter is, you providing us with whatever information you may have about the person before we start services. Remember, we are private investigators. We have investigative analytical skills, extensive detective and investigation knowledge and access to many things and contacts that the everyday person does not even think about.

Our Investigation Services involving finding people in general are as Follows:

Locate, find, and or determine whereabouts of a person who is party to a legal proceeding.
Background verification and lifestyle investigations of a person.
Serving a Subpoena upon evasive or allusive people.
Simple Service of Process upon a Defendant or witness involving records, i.e. Subpoena Duces Tecum. Civil and or Criminal Records Search of a Defendant or witness.
Pre-deposition preparation about a Defendant or witness. 
Pre-trial preparation about a Defendant or witness.
Post-Trial Defendant research and investigation Services
Bankruptcy Investigations about a Defendant or witness .
Investigate sworn statements given by a Defendant or witness .
Impeachment of a Defendant or witness.
Proving a Defendant or witness lied under oath.
Validate Defendant or witness statements.
Evaluate the deposition of a Defendant or witness
Authenticate Defendant or witness evidence.
Disprove Defendant or witness statements or accounts.
Analysis of Defendant or witness evidence i.e., deposition evaluation.
Defendant or witness associates found.
Defendant or witness Skip-Trace and locate Services.
Defendant Debtors.
Defendant or witness Lifestyle Investigations
Defendant or witness Associations
Defendant Assets of Defendant Family Members and Relationships
Defendant or witnessDivorce records Defendant
Credential Verification
Locate anyone who is a Defendant or witness with material evidence or knowledge.
Missing Defendant or witness personal or business information found. 

If you are an Attorney, Paralegal Professional or anyone who needs to find a Missing Person, Witness, Debtor, Heir, Birth Parent, Respondent of Defendant or have a need for any service listed above.

Call, 888-406-6517

To communicate, via email with or to speak to a licensed Private Investigator please contact us between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and 9:00 am through 5:00 pm on Saturdays. Our office closes for Holidays but our services are offered 24/7/365. We never stop investigating and serving process and, in fact, some of our most successful findings are after and before office hours! 
Florida Agency License Number A9900347