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A.C.E., Inc. provides guaranteed
Private Process Serving, Delivery and Constables Services everyday of the year.

After twenty-three years and more than 944,000 successful service completions, we are confident that our diversified experience assures your request will be expedited by a qualified professional who will understand your needs and assure dependable and accurate results.

Our long term success is predicated upon paying attention to details, timely service and producing appropriate follow up reports and affidavit / proof of service documents. All services are performed by experienced professionals who care and are goal oriented. We are ultra careful with respect to privacy, meeting statutory requirements and all matters we are retained to handle.

All services are securely prepaid on line by credit card, paypal or law firm check. We accept service requests by email, typical courier and or any mail service. We confirm, follow up and provide our reports / affidavits by email and mail original documents within 24 hours.

Our most popular and frequently performed service offerings are as follows:

Process Serving Services
Due Diligence Services
Courthouse Messenger Services
Skip Tracing and Locate Defendants
Skip Tracing and Locate Witnesses
Skip Trace and Locate Respondents
Locate People (or not) for Diligence
Find Missing Heirs (or not) for a Diligent Search Affidavit
Evasive People
Surveillance, Shadow and Stake out services

Professional Process Services

  • Private Process Server Services

    We are the best in the Private Process Server business. Our agents are experienced and well equipped to react and carry out your specific needs. 

  • Private Investigation Services

    Investigation services are covert, licensed and handled by an agent with more than twenty - three years experience

  • Locate, Skip Tracing and finding People

    We are experts at finding, locating and ascertaining information about people, business, witnesses, adversaries, defendants and respondents

  • Courthouse; Filing, Copying, Retrieval Services

    We have an thorough understanding of the USDC and State Courts Nationwide. No matter where you need assistance we can help you. We have access to the Federal, Supreme, Superior, Circuit, Appeals, Civil, County and District Courts and have agents everywhere in the Nation.

  • Nationwide Due Diligence Search and Required Affidavit

    We specialize in Due Diligence Services. Our most popular investigative service is offered to people attempting to find or locate someone. If we cannot find or locate the subject, we provide an Affidavit of Due and Diligent Search. Our services are extensive and the affidavit is comprehensive; and is executed with legal proceedings in mind.

Guaranteed Support Services

Our legal process serving and urgent document delivery services are handled by licensed professionals who are time managed with skillfully experienced. Our delivery and service of lawsuits, orders, subpoena's, demand letters, notification papers and statement of claim services are guaranteed on time. We are careful how we provide services and have a three person quality control team that assures accurate reporting and statutory compliant services and paperwork.

Office Hours:
Eastern Standard Time
8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Monday - Saturday

Saturday and Sunday, Email and after hours answer service monitored all hours. 

Field Agent Services

Our team of field agents are available to meet wth clients,  delinquent borrowers, property owners, tenants and settlement clients to assist with you with your endeavors. 

Service of Process and Subpoena Delivery Services

We provide services everywhere in America. Our network of associates are managed and assigned each request within moments. All services are handled by experienced personnel who have the ability and dedication to make sure your request is handled with 


We will beat any legitimate quote. We offer a guaranteed best fee policy to all existing clients. Send us three of your best quotes and we will offer you a better deal. No questions asked and better services assured.